Tuesday, May 23, 2006

something's gotta give

I've seen the movie poster a thousand times and more before I actually got to see the movie for the first time. My first viewing of the movie was on Princess Cruise, from Anchorage, Alaska downward to Vancouver, B.C.

Somewhat bored, tired of stuffing myself too much, and not quiet on land yet, I pursuaded my mom, my only other acquaintance on the ship, to go see the movie. It was like 7pm, and as those know Alaska in May, it was about as bright as 4pm, and sun wasn't set to go down for yet another 3-4 hours.

The movie proved to be more funny than I had thought, and even my mother couldn't contain herself laughing at odd scenes, such as Jack Nicholson denying usage of certain drug, and also walking around heavily sedated without covering his bottom.

The movie, though vague in my mind in its success in hollywood standard matrix, wasn't a mega blockbuster in my recollection, and that sorta saddens me.

It's a well made comedy, very cute, and with a great casting I thought.

I've been sort of traumatized with Jack's performance in "One flew over Coockoo's Next" to the point that I thought of him as a lunatic and not a great actor, but his films of late are quiet humourous and he look like a great actor. Oh well, now I might blush... Heh.

I've had much respect for Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves, and I've seen plenty of Amanda Peet lately to know them all, in various movies, various rolls.

While playing with flickr last night, I've put the DVD on play with special feature* of makers' commentation turned on. Description of places not actually being at where they're supposed to be, creating a temporary set of location, actors pretending to be warm when it's chilly and raining, chemistry between actors, improvision of small script into a full act, Diane's own special pausing here and there, ....
There were much more than just a laughable comedy in this movie, that I've learned so much by listening to the comments.

And, I couldn't stop thinking maybe Keanu might have been a better cast than Tom Hanks on "Da Vinci Code"? Afterall Keanu's done plenty action movies, and he does look attractive enough and intellectual enough as a Hampton's doctor. Nah, forget about his slurry speech in "Bill and Ted's excellent adventure" days.

The movie's interesting and funny, and comments give extra boost to how the movie is interesting. ^^ I give two thumbs up!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

어린 신부

언니가 가끔 눈을 흘기긴 하지만 난 여배우들을 오빠부대 배우들보다 사실 약간 더 좋아한다.

심 은하를 좋아하고, 이 요원을 좋아하고 그리고 문 근영을 좋아한다. 전 지현이 나오는 영화 DVD도 꽤 있다.

가을 동화를 보며 많은 이들이 솧 혜교와 송 승헌의 애절한 사랑에 울고 웃었지만 난 그래도 문 근영이 가장 인상 깊은 역을 맡았다고 생각했다. 원 빈이 그 다음이고.

신 장화 홍련은 무서워서 아직 보지 않았지만, 어린 신부가 나오자 마자 보았고, 물론 DVD도 사서 여러번 보고 있다.

이 미연이 출연한 중독 같이 특별히 내용이 좋은 건 아니지만 어처구니없이 결혼이란 걸 하고 신혼여행과 수학여행이 겹쳐 둘다 즐기지도 못하는 고교생 어린 신부 역이 꽤 나 귀엽다.

요즘 잘 나가는 김 래원도 꽤난 괞찬은 역이고, 그냥 보면 맘도 편하고 꽤나 웃기도 하고 그냥 재미있다.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

thumb up for "Evelyn" and thumb down for "White Orleander"

Two movies, "Evelyn" and "White Orleander" released to the theatre everywhere last year, at about same time, one based on true story of Irish single father fighting government and catholic church to get back his kids, and the other about a teen age girl's relationship with her troubled mother and her life story after her mother's sent to jail.

"White Orleander" based on a popular book, received wide audienceship and much good reviews, and was definitely a chic-flic movie. On the other hand, "Evelyn" didn't have as much hype nor as many followers although both movies had top-notch actors under the belt, to fight the ticket office with.

When Castro Video on California St. near Fillmore St. began close-out sale, and had pre-watched VHS for $1.00 and pre-watched DVD for $6.00 I pickedup at least 2 dozen VHS and DVDs, and had to struggle a bit to pick only 7, and these two movies made the final cut. Though I was quiet interested in seeing both movies, the interest wasn't achingly sharp enough and for some reason time just flew so quickly and left me out; both movies were taken off the theatres and went to video before I realized I didn't get to go. Thus, I was eager to check them out.

"White Orleander", as I suspected, was quiet dry and serious. In a way I was glad not to have gone to big-screen to see it.
"Evelyn", however, is quiet to my liking. Including every so reapeated "however" the supreme court judge mentioned at the end of the movie. The formula and plot weren't as shocking, but it was quiet heart warming, and it wasn't as boring, nor dry. It would have been nice to see it at the theatre, and I'm quiet glad to have DVD in my collection.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Cannonball Run : A rather short, a rather funny, and totally 70s movie

Virgin's been flooding cheezy movies for cheap, and The Cannonball Run must have made the pile. Out of sheer boredom, that couldn't be fulfilled with any sophisticated movies, the choice came down to another run of Overboard or The Cannonball Run and The Cannonball Run was picked.

The basic plot is a bunch of folks racing from New Jersey to California in an unofficial race called the Cannonball Run. A rather typical Burt Reynolds movie, it's just put bunch of famous celebrities type-casted, without much scripting nor setup. There are so many of them running around that it's hard to find a pulse, thus nobody really notices that there's no plot. A great movie to waste time when tired of a long day, just looking for some cheap laugh.

Interesting thing is that it actually was made & released in 1981. And, because of the popularity there was a sequel made as well.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Erin Brockovich

There are movies that are good for big screen, and only for that first time sitting in the big theatre. Typically a comedy with twists that were very unexpected. Break into laughter every 10 seconds and into jaw-dropping awe every other minutes. But once the movie is out on DVD and you turn it on in your livingroom theatre, it just isn't the same. Well, there always are exceptions, but I've seen enough disappointing DVDs that I've eagerly waited the DVD release after the big screen release.

Some movies, on the other hand, aren't necessarily something I'd want to see it on big screen, nor something I'd save up to get it on DVD, but tends to grow dearer to me as I watch repeatedly. The "Erin Brockovich" is one of them. I just picked it up w/ bunch of other DVDs at Fry's a few years ago. Perhaps the reason I got it was a)Julia Roberts doing a serious role, b)it's true story in my backyard, PG&E in California.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dawson's Creek

Season I & Piolot:
Season I pilot begins way back in 1998 with Dawson, Joey Pacey and Jen about to begin their high school.

Season II:

Season III:

Season IV:

Season V:



Thursday, March 31, 2005

More KPop Movies - Il Mare

Korean Drama/Mini-Series/Movies have all of sudden become rather popular.

It's like seeing comics/manga with real people, against real setting, in 3-D.

One of popular titles on EBay include 'My Sassy Girl', 'Winter Sonata', and 'Il Mare'.

I got my copy of 'Il Mare' off EBay, too.

Wow, I've never been to HongKong yet, and the DVD flew all the way from HongKong.

Unlike in old days, subtitle translation in English is pretty impressive, too. Purely out of curiosity I tried to watch w/ English subtitle, and it was pretty accurate.

The main actress 'Jon, Ji-hyon', who starred in both 'My Sassy Girl' and 'Il Mare' (& also 'My Sassy Girl 2' are popular in both Korea and those who watches Korean movies, it seems. From what I've heard she lives in NYC, and in Seoul. Huhu, in my few trips to Seoul or to NYC I might have bumped into her and didn't even know. Maybe, Maybe not.

In any case, I do remember this movie because I was in Korea for family vacation back in summer, 2000. There were 2 movies about time-travelling. One was this movie Il Mare, 'Si-wol-ae' in original Korean. And the other was 'Dong-gam' starring Kim,Ha-Nul and Yu,Ji-T`ae. Both, at time, I thought to be yet another silly time-twist movie. Both, eventually I found out, had more depth and better screen quality than I had expected.

I'm so glad to have gotten 'Il Mare'.

House standing by the edge of ocean, two young people living 2 years apart. The scenes go back and forth between these two people. Both actors have appealing quality of quiet, lonely and yet bubbly quality. The background, color settings, editing quality, character development. It's as though the script was written with these two in mind. Well, not quiet. Very common, very invisible yet tastefully molding both sadness and life. Both actors seem to get sucked into the charactor during the movie. Jihyon being a lonely girl who has hard time letting go of her old boyfriend. And, Jong-jae being a young man quitting architecture school in his senior year when he finds out his estranged father abandoned his mother and him to focus on the career of architecture. Both dutifully goes on each of their own daily life, yet their troubled soul slowly long for each other.

Well, most people will find its romantic qualities endearing.

For me, for the longest time, how 2 people living 2 years apart affect each others' life in a way that one's life depends on the other's silly request.
I've never been all that good with this time machine concept, yet found it quiet fascinating.

What makes good DVD collection candidate?
I'd say a movie that never gets old, and makes you want to watch over and over again. Some movies are good for large screen, good for first time viewing, and some movies are good to watch over and over again day or night. 'Il Mare', for various reasons, I find to be the one that's good for viewing over and over again at home. Thus it's great DVD collection candidate for me.

Everytime I watch it the movie, the story, the actors, all come to me, all touch me. Sometimes in similar way, sometimes in many different ways.

Amazing thing is the same scene, the same color, ..., all these look different and have different impression/feeling.

For the 10th time, or more, I'm enjoying it quiet a lot!
While working on some silly program for work, at home, in living room, w/ laptop opened.......