Thursday, March 31, 2005

More KPop Movies - Il Mare

Korean Drama/Mini-Series/Movies have all of sudden become rather popular.

It's like seeing comics/manga with real people, against real setting, in 3-D.

One of popular titles on EBay include 'My Sassy Girl', 'Winter Sonata', and 'Il Mare'.

I got my copy of 'Il Mare' off EBay, too.

Wow, I've never been to HongKong yet, and the DVD flew all the way from HongKong.

Unlike in old days, subtitle translation in English is pretty impressive, too. Purely out of curiosity I tried to watch w/ English subtitle, and it was pretty accurate.

The main actress 'Jon, Ji-hyon', who starred in both 'My Sassy Girl' and 'Il Mare' (& also 'My Sassy Girl 2' are popular in both Korea and those who watches Korean movies, it seems. From what I've heard she lives in NYC, and in Seoul. Huhu, in my few trips to Seoul or to NYC I might have bumped into her and didn't even know. Maybe, Maybe not.

In any case, I do remember this movie because I was in Korea for family vacation back in summer, 2000. There were 2 movies about time-travelling. One was this movie Il Mare, 'Si-wol-ae' in original Korean. And the other was 'Dong-gam' starring Kim,Ha-Nul and Yu,Ji-T`ae. Both, at time, I thought to be yet another silly time-twist movie. Both, eventually I found out, had more depth and better screen quality than I had expected.

I'm so glad to have gotten 'Il Mare'.

House standing by the edge of ocean, two young people living 2 years apart. The scenes go back and forth between these two people. Both actors have appealing quality of quiet, lonely and yet bubbly quality. The background, color settings, editing quality, character development. It's as though the script was written with these two in mind. Well, not quiet. Very common, very invisible yet tastefully molding both sadness and life. Both actors seem to get sucked into the charactor during the movie. Jihyon being a lonely girl who has hard time letting go of her old boyfriend. And, Jong-jae being a young man quitting architecture school in his senior year when he finds out his estranged father abandoned his mother and him to focus on the career of architecture. Both dutifully goes on each of their own daily life, yet their troubled soul slowly long for each other.

Well, most people will find its romantic qualities endearing.

For me, for the longest time, how 2 people living 2 years apart affect each others' life in a way that one's life depends on the other's silly request.
I've never been all that good with this time machine concept, yet found it quiet fascinating.

What makes good DVD collection candidate?
I'd say a movie that never gets old, and makes you want to watch over and over again. Some movies are good for large screen, good for first time viewing, and some movies are good to watch over and over again day or night. 'Il Mare', for various reasons, I find to be the one that's good for viewing over and over again at home. Thus it's great DVD collection candidate for me.

Everytime I watch it the movie, the story, the actors, all come to me, all touch me. Sometimes in similar way, sometimes in many different ways.

Amazing thing is the same scene, the same color, ..., all these look different and have different impression/feeling.

For the 10th time, or more, I'm enjoying it quiet a lot!
While working on some silly program for work, at home, in living room, w/ laptop opened.......


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