Friday, June 03, 2005

Erin Brockovich

There are movies that are good for big screen, and only for that first time sitting in the big theatre. Typically a comedy with twists that were very unexpected. Break into laughter every 10 seconds and into jaw-dropping awe every other minutes. But once the movie is out on DVD and you turn it on in your livingroom theatre, it just isn't the same. Well, there always are exceptions, but I've seen enough disappointing DVDs that I've eagerly waited the DVD release after the big screen release.

Some movies, on the other hand, aren't necessarily something I'd want to see it on big screen, nor something I'd save up to get it on DVD, but tends to grow dearer to me as I watch repeatedly. The "Erin Brockovich" is one of them. I just picked it up w/ bunch of other DVDs at Fry's a few years ago. Perhaps the reason I got it was a)Julia Roberts doing a serious role, b)it's true story in my backyard, PG&E in California.


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